Sheila Noll for Supervisor

February 1, 2023

Campaign  Issues

At issue is always the question, "How may I better serve the needs of York County citizens in a manner that is more cost effective, efficient and far reaching?"


Customer Service.  I will continue to listen to the needs of the citizens of York County and voice their concerns in a reasonable manner.

Quality Education.
We must prepare our future leaders to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world. Those who are not college bound should have the necessary tools to make their way in the business world.

Economic Development.  We must attract better paying jobs and provide a comprehensive workforce training program to ensure the future economic health of the region.

Regional Cooperation
.  We must continue to work together for the benefit of the Peninsula and the Hampton Roads region when it best serves the future needs and quality of life of York County.

Preserving and Protecting Our Environment.
We must each do our part to protect the future viability of the Chesapeake Bay by taking the steps necessary to support its aquatic living resources. By the proper use of fertilizer, recycling, planting trees, cleaning up after our pets, each of us can make a difference  in the health of the Bay. 

It is not enough,however, to take care of the needs of today, 
        we must prepare for the
needs of tomorrow.

Transportation is the engine that drives our economic wellbeing.  I support a Multi-modal Transportation System. I support a Public Transit System which includes both bus and rail that  will give new life to the cities by providing all citizens a means to get to their jobs.  I support a Roadway System that will provide workers reasonable commute times and allow goods to move readily from supplier to consumer. I support a Port System that will make Hampton Roads a top international destination for goods and travelers.Regardless of what we drive or whether we drive, we all must support a transportation system that will benefit future generations as those who came before us did..

  I support our Military who protect our freedoms. I support our families who make this country what it is today.  I support elected officials who serve with integrity and have a passion for excellence. I pray that together we will make this world a better place for our children. 
                                   God Bless America.


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